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Banks are the go-to place to get safe and sure loans to start up your small or micro-business. However, more often than not, banks such as BPI, BDO, MetroBank, LandBank, PNB, RCBC, ChinaBank, Security Bank, UnionBank, EastWest Bank, Citibank and all the other banks expect you to submit a lot of requirements and paperwork while also carrying high standards before approving loans. This usually ends up with you getting denied, or worse, you giving your collateral to the bank with high interest rates!

But have you ever considered pawning with PawnHero to fund your dream business? Pawning is much like getting a micro loan with a bank, except that it does carries far less paperwork and requirements in order for you to get your cash for that budding businness idea - whether it’s a sari-sari store, a loading station, a food cart or kiosk. The sky’s the limit with PawnHero!

With one of the industry’s lowest interest rates as low as 2.99%, you can loan a wide range of items - from jewelry to luxury goods and electronic gadgets and various devices - all in the comfort of where you are! Get your cash as soon as we give you a final appraisal, straight to your bank account or other payout methods.

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