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PawnHero goes to Malaysia

PawnHero flies to Malaysia for #Maybankfintech 2015

PawnHero will be joining 19 other regional startups at the Alpha Startups pre-accelerator idea validation programme in partnership with Maybank and 1337 Ventures. Running from June 13 to 15, the programme will involve startups being guided in validating their ideas to customers and improving their product development and go-to-market strategies.

A final demo day will be held on June 16, where startups will be pitching in front of Maybank executives and venture capitalists. Top startups will be given an opportunity to work closely with the Maybank Fintech team, complete with an onboarding and piloting phase that will take about 3 months.

“To have PawnHero as one of Maybank’s Top 20 startups in Southeast Asia is another recognition of our hard work," explained David Margendorff, co-founder of PawnHero. "We're very happy for this opportunity."

PawnHero has been lauded as one of the fintech startups that are disrupting traditional pawnshop industries in the Philippines. Solving the problem of expensive credit and interest rates, PawnHero provides an easy, fair, and convenient way of overcoming short-term cash needs.

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