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As the first online pawn shop in the Philippines, we’re eager to make a good impression. So we've collected all the experiences into our PawnHero reviews--the better to give you an idea what you can expect from us.

Making every Filipino financially-included. One at a time.

In the Philippines, pawning your items can be confusing and tiresome when you lack decisive information in choosing your pawnshop. Getting quick bank loans is also difficult especially when one doesn’t have a bank account; numerous prerequisites result in longer processing times for such important and urgent loans. At PawnHero, we decided to do a quick comparison analysis of traditionally popular pawnshops in the Philippines. To assure the accuracy of our analysis, we sourced all our information from the official websites of pawnshops and have verified this information with their respective branches.

Thousands of happy customers have already gotten cash for their pre-loved items

I was really amazed, actually I didn't know that there's a site like this. I am hoping that you will going help me guys. It's just that i really need it for my daughter's enrollment. Thank you.

Pawned a Samsung Galaxy Note 4

I think the website is cool because it's the first of its kind here in the Philippines right...

Pawned a Washburn Electric Guitar

It's fast and innovative way of pawning.

Pawned an HP Laptop

I think this kind of online pawnshop is really accessible and helpful. It could give relief to people who are in temporary need. Thanks for his!

Pawned a Canon Powershot SX120

PawnHero is really a great idea to people on the go. I will share the experience I had with them.

Pawned an Aqualung Wetsuit

Innovation of pawning an item at PawnHero is outstanding! Verily, they are fast and will appreciate your items well. Using the online process everything is swift.

Pawned a Salvatore Ferragamo Sling Bag

The pawning process is much convenient than the traditional process. the service's was good. All queries were answered accordingly.

Pawned a Gold Ring

A bit confusing at first, but understandable given the novelty of the business model. Customer service staff and 2Go employees did their best.

Pawned an iPad Mini

The website was easy to use and very straightforward.

Pawned a Samsung NX10

Convenient. Effortless. Fast. Efficient. Those are the things that I can tell describing the experience...

Pawned a RayBan Aviator Large Metal

It's fast and efficient.

Pawned an E.R. Tagle Art Piece

Fast transaction and no hassle! I don't have to go to the pawnshop and carry my theavy item.

Pawned a 42” Philips Widescreen Flat TV

It was fast and excellent, knowing about the low interest.

Pawned a Sony Xperia ion LT28i

It’s good and easy to apply! More power to your company.

" Pawned a D-Link HD Cloud Camera

...I accepted the offer, and what's surprising is the interest rate is very low compared to traditional pawnshops. The customer representatives are very helpful too. Thanks PawnHero!!

Pawned an LG G2 Smartphone

I think this website has a concern to all prospects. They made the process easy and convenient.. They want a hassle free business to people for a comfortable way of life.

Pawned a Fujitsu Laptop
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Pawning just got safer and more convenient.

Unlike traditional pawnshops, you can now get cash with just a few clicks! PawnHero brings the safety and convenience of pawning right at the comfort of your home. All your items are fully-insured and are safely and properly stored in our high-security warehouse.

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