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Cashout & Payments

All you need to know about your PawnHero Pawnshop loan

Pawn and get your money instantly

Receive your money in an instant and without the hassle when you apply for a collateral loan. Aside from receiving your money in cash form at the PawnHero Pawnshop office, you may also opt to cash out via bank transfer or any InstaPay and PESONet partner banks and electronic money issuers. It’s fast and secure!

How to pay your loan

1. Loan Redemption
Redeem your loan on or before the maturity date to avoid inconvenience. You may pay via these payment methods:

• Over-the-Counter Cash Payment
• Security Bank Online
• Online Bank Payment
• 7-Eleven (7-CONNECT)

2. Loan Renewal
Not ready to redeem your loan? You may opt for a loan renewal! All you have to do is pay your interest amount due in full amount to extend your loan for another month. Payment methods for loan renewal are the same with payment methods for loan redemption.

Appraisal value and interest rates

Your final appraisal value may be higher or lower than the initial appraisal value given depending on the condition of your item which will be determined during the physical inspection process. Please make sure that the description of your item matches its actual and current condition for a smoother transaction and quicker process of your loan application.

PawnHero Pawnshop interest rates start as low as 3.5% every month. However, your interest rate may vary due to the following factors: item condition, age, and category. Items in the electronics and gadgets categories may hold higher interest rates since value depreciates faster for these items.

Enjoy these services for FREE!

Pick-up and return delivery of loan collateral within Metro Manila: FREE
Insurance coverage while in transit: FREE
Insurance coverage while in storage: FREE
Storage fee: FREE