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How do I apply for a PawnHero loan?


1. Go to or simply click here to pawn your valued item and create your pawn ticket.

2. Fill out the required details of your online pawn ticket then book your item pick-up schedule. Our certified in-house courier (Pawntrooper) will be at your specified address to pick up your collateral. Enjoy loan approval within 1 DAY only after your collateral has been picked up and appraised!

3. Once you’ve accepted our final loan offer, you may opt to cash out via bank transfer or any InstaPay and PESONet partner banks and electronic money issuers. Fast and secure!

What items can I pawn?


PawnHero accepts a wide range of items as collateral. For a full list of what we accept, visit the Items We Accept Page.

How will I get my money?


Once you have accepted our final loan offer, you will receive your money in a few hours through online bank transfer via InstaPay.

How will you get my item?


Once you have selected your item pick-up schedule after creating your pawn ticket online, our certified in-house courier (Pawntrooper) will pick up your collateral from your specified address, on your preferred date and time. Safe and convenient!

Are my items safe and insured?


All PawnHero customers enjoy free insurance coverage provided by our partner Pioneer Insurance Corporation. All items entrusted to us by you are fully covered by insurance. The PawnHero warehouse is 100% safe and secure with 24/7 protection of our security team and advanced security protocols such as CCTVs and emergency alarm systems.

What are the requirements to redeem my item?


Make sure to fully settle your loan balance and don't forget to bring with you the original copy of your PawnHero ticket and two (2) valid IDs when redeeming your item/s. These are strictly required for us to be able to smoothly process your loan redemption.

How do I redeem my loan?


Redeem your loan on or before the maturity date to avoid inconvenience. You may pay via these payment methods:

Cash Payment
Online Bank Payment
7-Eleven (7 Conncect Service)

* Transaction and service fees may apply.

How do I renew my loan?


Not ready to redeem your loan? You can opt for a loan renewal! All you have to do is pay your interest amount due in full amount to extend your loan for another month. Payment methods for loan renewal are same with payment methods for Loan Redemption.

Can I extend my loan?


Yes! If you are not ready to redeem your item yet and pay the full loan amount, you can request for a loan renewal. Just login to your PawnHero account to apply for an extension of your loan or call one of our customer care specialists to help you.

What is the difference between Loan Estimate and Loan Appraisal?


Loan Estimate - A rough calculation and/or guess of the value of the item you want to pawn. The final loan appraisal/value can only be determined upon personal and thorough inspection of the item.

Loan Appraisal - This is the loan offer you’re entitled to get when you pawn a certain item with PawnHero.

Here are some videos to help you with the basics

If you need more help, you can call us at 8828–CASH, or send us your inquiry here.

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