How PawnHero Works

How to easily apply for loan at
PawnHero Pawnshop

It's fast and easy to gain instant cash by pawning with PawnHero Pawnshop. Just follow these EASY steps and meet your financial needs instantly!

Step One

Go to or simply click here to pawn your valued item and create your pawn ticket.

Step Two

Fill out the required details of your online pawn ticket then book your item pick-up schedule. Our certified in-house courier (Pawntrooper) will be at your specified address to pick up your collateral. Enjoy loan approval within 1 DAY only after your collateral has been picked up and appraised!

Step Three

Once you've accepted our final loan offer, you may opt to cash out via bank transfer or any InstaPay and PESONet partner banks and electronic money issuers. Fast and secure!

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How To Receive Loan

Keep your finances secure

Pawn your assets and enjoy our 1 DAY ONLY collateral loan approval* with no loan amount limit. We provide FREE insurance coverage for all your collateral in partnership with Pioneer Insurance Corporation, so you don't need to worry!

The PawnHero Pawnshop warehouse, where your collateral is securely kept and stored, is 100% safe and secure with 24/7 security personnel and advanced security protocols such as CCTVs and emergency alarm systems.

*All loan applications will be approved within the day after your item has been picked up.