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Style and Substance: Timeless Jewelry Never Goes Out of Style
While trends sometimes dictate what type of jewelry is currently in style, many jewelry aficionados would agree that whether it’s your engagement ring, or your wedding ring, shiny and overly intricate ones will soon become out of style, while simple and sleek silver pieces are sure to withstand the test of time and become enduring classics and investments that can be worn for years to come.

What makes jewelry beautiful and essential?
  • Jewelry is always fashionable. One of the most common reasons people buy and invest on jewelry is because it is an essential accessory to accentuate many different outfits and styles.
  • It’s one of society’s accepted social signifier of wealth and status to those around you. From silver bands around your wrist to a diamond pendant around your neck with a dazzling pair of earrings to match, jewelry helps a person make a solid statement about his or her personality.
  • Jewelry can signify sacrifice. As it is considered a coveted luxury item for many, not a lot of people prioritize buying jewelry before food or other basic necessities. When you pride yourself with a shiny new silver necklace, it means you have endured hard work to get where you are in life.
  • Family heirlooms often consist of engagement rings and wedding rings passed on from generation to generation and signify a meaningful connection with people’s family and a sense of history.
  • For most women, gold pieces are an important ornament worn during special occasions like wedding, anniversaries, and other special events. Sometimes, husbands or boyfriends give their wives or girlfriends jewelry making the old adage “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” quite accurate. Jewelry indeed plays a role in women’s life to make her feel special, beautiful, and stylish.
  • In the meantime, the rise of mid-priced jewellery isn't a trend that has been making industry headlines, but it's one of the few new trends that will last more than just one season-it's not just for Christmas. Brands like Swarovski, Pandora, Charriol, and Tiffany has and will continue to redefine the jewellery market for years to come.
If you find yourself in a situation where you need quick cash without going through the hassles of someone else asking for your credit history, PawnHero might just be the one who can help you get out of that rut.

Here at PawnHero, we recognize the value of prized possessions and have created a new way for people to pawn. We provide an easy, fair, and convenient way of overcoming short-term cash needs simply by using technology from having your item appraised, to getting the item to us, and getting the cash right in your bank account. We are also committed to giving back a competitive rate for your item’s worth, after they undergo a thorough inspection by our team of top-notch appraisers.

Why PawnHero?
  • PawnHero is an easy way to divest unwanted heirloom, gadgets with a newer model out in the market, or any of your personal items in for quick cash.
  • We offer interest rates as low as 2.99% (which is half of the current rate pawnshops in the Philippines are currently offering).
  • We guarantee a higher appraisal value for your items.
  • We are committed to giving you a fair transaction and dislike hidden costs and penalties for late payments just like you. None of that here!
  • You are free to pawn anything, from virtually anywhere as long as you have a working internet connection. We also provide free and fully insured pick up for the items that you want to pawn. (Read more here.)

PawnHero is at the helm of transforming the way people pawn items in such a way that we make it more convenient for you. Interested to pawn? Read our step-by-step guide and start turning your closet-space filler into instant cash!

Pawning made safer and more convenient.

Unlike traditional pawnshops, you can now get cash within just a few clicks! PawnHero makes it safer and more convenient to pawn your stuff as you never leave the comfort of your home. All your items are fully insured and are carefully stored in our high-security warehouse.

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Why pawn online?

Traditional pawn shops and 5-6 loan sharks charge extremely high interest rates and often have hidden fees. PawnHero, on the other hand, charges interest rates as low as 3.5% which is even lower than credit card rates. This is possible because PawnHero doesn’t maintain expensive physical outlets. PawnHero also accepts a wider selection of items other than jewellery. All of these without you needing to leave the comfort of your home.

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Who’s getting cash right now?

Designer Bags - Marc by Marc Jacobs - Duffel Bag for ₱2045.40

Designer Bags - Chanel - 2.55 Chevron Reissue Bag for ₱63445.20

Designer Bags - Prada - Corsaire Bag for ₱8559.60

Jewelry - Gold - 18K for ₱2545.60

Soundbars and Speakers - Marshall - Any Model for ₱3545.51

What do our customers say about PawnHero?


Fast and friendly employees

Fast and friendly employees, very nice place, looks safe.

- Pawned an Oakley Sunglasses for ₱2,789.20


Successful pawning transaction

Customer service is top notch, paying off the loan and the interest is so easy with their online payment scheme and several options, my watch appraisal although it was barely used seems to be just fine. They safely seal the item. All in all it was a good, easy and hassle free transaction from pawning to returning back the item.

- Pawned a Tudor Prince Oysterdate Luxury Watch for ₱70,000.00


Personnel are prompt and courteous

Personnel are prompt and courteous. Ensure the safety and health protocols. Nice and clean office. Very competitive rates and flexible appraisal value. Good job👍👍👍

- Pawned an Omega Constellation Luxury Watch for ₱24,421.40


Very smooth transaction

Very smooth transaction. The staff are very accommodating. I was a little hesitant at first since this was my first with pawnhero but I made the right choice. Thank you Pawnhero, you're a lifesaver!

- Pawned an Omega Seamaster Luxury Watch for ₱39,075.37


Great courier service

Great courier service. Trustworthy!

- Pawned a Givenchy Pandora Designer Bag for ₱5,451.00


Very nice office

The staff are very friendly and their process is very smooth. I was a bit nervous on my way but the staff made me feel comfortable and confident. Keep it up!

- Pawned a TechnoMarine Cruise Luxury Watch for ₱6,000.19


Legit site and pawning service

Pickup is convenient and the turnaround time for assessment of item/s were more than satisfactory. The field agents that pick up your items are trustworthy. I would highly recommend this company.

- Pawned a Nikon D7200 Camera for ₱14,498.35


Highly commended for their services

1 day process only, my item got picked up after lunch and I got the cash after my item was appraised the same day. High appraisal & has the lowest interest rate compared to traditional pawnshop. Thank you Pawnhero!

- Pawned a Sony A7 Mark III Camera for ₱30,865.04


I cant say more

Got my item picked up again, I checked with the customer service why appraisal got low and she walked me through and explained the reason. Satisfied with the service as always and the courier was so mabait (kind).

- Pawned a Louis Vuitton Babylone Designer Bag for ₱14,000.00


First time to transact with them & they…

first time to transact with them & they very responsive to my inquiry..thanks

- Pawned a Chanel Le boy Flap Designer Bag for ₱75,000.00