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Home Pawnalo Sa Gadget Appraisal

We offer up to 20% higher appraisal rate or more with only 4.5% interest rate* vs. selected pawn shops. This means PawnHero customers get higher loan amounts and enjoy lower interest rates!

Up to


higher appraisal or more




lower interest rate*

vs. selected pawnshops

Sample breakdown

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB
Pawnhero, Get as much as ₱24,840, 42% higher appraisal, Only 4.5% interest rate
Pawnshop X, Get as much as ₱17,433, 42% lower appraisal, 7-10% higher interest rate

*Based on the data gathered during Q2 of 2021
*Applies on smartphones, laptops, cameras, and other gadgets
*4.5% interest rate or ₱500.00 interest, whichever is higher

How to #PawnSafelyAtHome

  1. Click Pawn Now to pawn your valued item and create your pawn ticket.
  2. Fill out the required details of your online pawn ticket then book your item pick-up schedule. Our certified in-house courier (Pawntrooper) will be at your specified address to pick up your collateral. Enjoy loan approval within 1 DAY only after your collateral has been picked up and appraised!
  3. Once you’ve accepted our final loan offer, you may opt to cash out via bank transfer or any InstaPay and PESONet partner banks and electronic money issuers. Fast and secure!

Enjoy convenient online transaction even after you #PawnSafelyAtHome! You may pay redemption of pawned items online and submit your proof of payment through the PawnHero website.

What our customers are saying

5 star

Legit site and pawning service

Pickup is convenient and the turnaround time for assessment of item/s were more than satisfactory. The field agents that pick up your items are trustworthy. I would highly recommend this company.

- Pawned a Nikon D7200 Camera for ₱14,498.35

5 star

Highly commended for their services

1 day process only, my item got picked up after lunch and I got the cash after my item was appraised the same day. High appraisal & has the lowest interest rate compared to traditional pawnshop. Thank you Pawnhero!

- Pawned a Sony A7 Mark III Camera for ₱30,865.04

PawnHero, the first online pawnshop in the Philippines, is leading the modernization of the pawnbroking industry in the country.

Through the use of advanced technology, PawnHero is able to provide instant cash loans to its customers in a hassle-free and discreet manner. PawnHero’s mission is to provide the most convenient and reliable financial service to all Filipinos in need of quick cash loans.