James Bullough Lansing or popularly known as JBL is an American audio electronics manufacturer during the 1920s. Their high-end products like loudspeakers and other audio electronics became a hit in Los Angeles when every studio in Hollywood demanded sound equipment in stages in 1927.

JBL has been known to produce high quality and professional equipment for the studios, cinemas, and prestigious concert stages. In fact, JBL was used during the 1999 Woodstock in New York. Moreover, JBL’s VerTec sound equipment made it to the most-awaited season of Superbowl, the Grammy Awards, and the ceremony of the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Seoul, Korea.
Being the first online pawn shop in the Philippines, we at PawnHero, consider these as highly valuable products. Pawn or sell any JBL quality item with us and we’ll give you the best appraisal rate that no other pawnshop could offer!

In just three easy steps, you can easily pawn or sell your JBL right at your homes!

Specific Models Accepted

Pawning made safer and more convenient.

Unlike traditional pawnshops, you can now get cash within just a few clicks! PawnHero makes it safer and more convenient to pawn your stuff as you never leave the comfort of your home. All your items are fully insured and are carefully stored in our high-security warehouse.

Free appraisal in minutes

Submit photos and details of your item to get a free appraisal, then schedule a free pickup.

Same day cash

Receive your cash the same day we appraise your item through your bank account or other payout options.

Get your item back

Repay your loan and we return your item, fully insured and without any shipping cost!

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Why pawn online?

Traditional pawn shops and 5-6 loan sharks charge extremely high interest rates and often have hidden fees. PawnHero, on the other hand, charges interest rates as low as 2.99% which is even lower than credit card rates. This is possible because PawnHero doesn’t maintain expensive physical outlets. PawnHero also accepts a wider selection of items other than jewellery. All of these without you needing to leave the comfort of your home.

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Who’s getting cash right now?

Designer Bags - Louis Vuitton - Speedy for ₱12645.60

Watches - Bvlgari - Other models for ₱18954.00

Designer Bags - Coach - Any model for ₱2045.40

Designer Bags - Prada - Top Handle Bag for ₱4545.60

Designer Bags - Michael Kors - Handbag for ₱1545.00

What our customers are saying?

“I think this kind of online pawnshop is really accessible and helpful. It could give relief to people who are in temporary need. Thanks for this!”

- Pawned a Canon Powershot SX120 for ₱6,000.00

“I think the website is cool because it's the first of its kind here in the Philippines right.”

- Pawned a Washburn Electric Guitar for ₱7,000.00

“It's fast and innovative way of pawning.”

- Pawned a HP Laptop for ₱12,000.00

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